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HomeCOST Estimator for Excel

HomeCost Estimator for Excel. Home Construction Cost Estimating Software. Designed for builders
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12 May 2013

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This is a valuation and cost estimator for home building.

HomeCOST Estimator helps create residential valuation and cost estimates. It is built on top of Excel spreadsheets. The formulas used are based on industry experience and the tool also allows for your own adjustments. You would thus be able to use the most accurate data to arrive at an estimate quickly and easily. This customizable cost data, city cost adjustments and detailed reporting help derive accurate valuations and estimates quite easily for the construction industry professionals. This is made specifically for home building. This tool operates within the Excel environment. The cost data is organized into categories on independent pages. The interface built on top of the Excel interface is quite intuitive. But, this tool is not for beginners. Professional will find the operation quite simple. Construction costs could be adjusted by type, class and style of construction. HomeCOST recognizes custom data and applies them to cost adjustments appropriately.

This is a tool that can help builders cover all cost categories when trying to make as accurate a bid as possible so that profit estimates remain realistic. Appraisers need to consistently apply valuations and contractors need absolutely accurate costs adjusted for local conditions. This utility would be able to provide all that from within the Excel environment. The built-in unit cost data provided with the tool is completely customizable so that all the adjustment you feel are necessary could be included. Initial familiarity is hastened by the wizard driven interface. This learning period should be quite short for most users. The product is supported by detailed help system. This is a very good product for the construction professionals.

Publisher's description

Create fast and accurate home construction and valuation estimates with ease. Home Construction Cost Estimating System. Designed for builders, contractors, architects, real estate professionals and insurance adjusters. With built-in modifiable data for local city indexes, class of construction, type and style factors, typical upgrade and additional feature prices and selections made using a wizard interface, HomeCOST Estimator is an indispensable tool for creating fast and accurate home valuation estimates.
HomeCOST Estimator consists of several worksheets containing user modifiable cost indexes, factors and cost data. You can easily access and modify built-in data and add rows of new data to customize the system for an individual business and geographic area. HomeCOST Estimator is an ideal sales tool for preparing instant budgets and quotations based on client specifications.
For construction budget development, with repeated "what-if" type analysis, it is easy to pin down the best combination of funds versus value.
Insurance adjusters use HomeCOST Estimator for calculating replacement values for claims. Easily customizable for local factors, HomeCOST Estimator is a comprehensive, time-saving, productivity tool for quick claim estimates.
HomeCOST Estimator is designed and developed in the USA by CPR, Inc., a leading provider of cost estimating tools and cost data to the construction industry since 1986. Use HomeCOST Estimator with confidence and profit!
HomeCOST Estimator for Excel
HomeCOST Estimator for Excel
Version 10.03
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